Dil Roberts Photography

There are so many lenses out there it's just imposible to test them all, or buy them for that matter.
Many people will be asking themselves why buy manual focus lenses when autofocus lenses will do everythign faster and better?
My answer to that is:

1. It slows you down and makes you think about the composition and focusing.
2. I like the build quality of these older lenses.
3. I find some of these lenses sharper and contrastier than the newer autofocus lenses.
4. They are cheaper. Mine don't cost more the a few Euros on ebay.
5 It's actually great fun using these lenses.

Maybe you should try it, you may be surprised at the enjoyment you get out of it.

These will be expanded as and when I get another lens that I fancy.

If you have any wishes or comments, please drop me a line.