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Monday, October 2, 2017

In Need of Your Advice - UPDATE


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All these posts believe it or not are firstly written by hand and then typed up on my computer at home. Well, that has to stop!! It just takes up too much of my time. And this is where you all come in.

What I’m looking for.
I’m looking for something small and light that I take with me on my travels. I write these posts in txt or rtf files. That way I can transfer my files between different programs. I really don’t care what program I write my files on but right now I’m using a little program that runs under Windows. The main point is that I can save them on a USB stick (or thumb drive to some of you). It would make sense to stick to a Windows machine, right? I’ve read some things about Chromebooks but I’m not certain I’d be happy with one. All programs would have to run under Chrome.

It has to be small because it has to come with me on my travels, which also means it has to be light. I would have to take it with me everywhere and carry without feeling the weight.

Battery Life.
This is also an important factor as I might be without power for some hours. Six hours would be a minimum.

External Connections.
A must: USB and Wireless. I wouldn’t consider anything without the 2 points I just mentioned. USB because that’s where I save all of my files and wireless for surfing and mails. Wireless is also important for my research. A wired connection is no longer important because wireless is always available at all hotels, hotspots, coffee shops etc.

All I require is an electronic device to help me on my travels. Any ideas?

I must find an answer to this but at the moment I can’t find a serious and permanent solution. My method of writing my articles isn’t going to change any time soon so whatever solution I decide on is going to be with me for years. Processor speed won’t be a problem either because I can’t type faster than the slowest computer.

What I want to hinder is writing my posts/articles by hand and re-writing them again on a computer. Doesn’t make any sense.

If you have any ideas or experience with this type of thing I would appreciate your advice and help. Oh, one last thing, I’m really not an Apple fan and I’m not willing to spend something like a €1000 on this, so it has to be an inexpensive device.


Thanks for any suggestions you may have.



Having looked around a bit I came up with a little Samsung GalaxyBook with 64GB and an M3 processor. You can't really purchase these new anymore but I got lucky. Picked it up for a couple hundred Euros and it's exactly what I was looking for. It weighs 1Kg has a keyboard and an USB connection. Wireless is there too. That's all I need for my future holidays. Pretty impressed really.



Samsung Galaxy Book


Samsung Galaxy Book


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