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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Panasonic TZ101 - Initial Impression


Known in Germany as the TZ101 and as Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 elsewhere (which I haven't a clue as to why) was purchased as my pocketable go anywhere daylight camera. The reason for the daylight is because of it's f5.9 aperture at the long end. As many of you know I like to shoot long and I wanted something small with a longish lens. It didn't have be fast at the long end, that would make the camera a lot bigger than it is. I have a special task for this camera in fact and it could be perfect for the job. I just hope it's image quality holds up. From what I have read so far it looks as though it will do the job.


Weight: 312g
Size: 111 x 65 x 44 mm
Aperture: f2.8 – f5.9
Focal Length: 25 - 250mm equivalent
Sensor: 20MP
Price: € 575


Panasonic TZ101


Panasonic TZ101



Panasonic TZ101 - Initial Impression 


Panasonic TZ101 - Initial Impression



Panasonic TZ101 - Initial Impression



Panasonic TZ101 - Initial Impression



It has an EVF (a must for me) albeit not the best out there, actually one of the worst but better than nothing. It's useable. It has a maximum shutter speed of 1/1600 when using electronic shutter which  do a lot of the time. A big plus for me is that it uses the same battery as some other Panasonic cameras I have (especially the LX100 which I intend to couple with the TZ101). It also incorporated IS which is really handy at the long end when hand held.

With this sort camera I tend to shoot in P made mostly but switch to A when I want to do something specific. I have also set the ring around the lens to adjust EC which is kind of cool. Works well too. It has, for me, 3 Function buttons that I can use. Those on the screen I never use. Just not my way of working. I switch off the screen for all those functions.

I can hold the camera pretty well, it's not too small and the grip I find useable. Just wish that EVF was a little bigger and better. From my initial tests the AF is very good indeed. Very fast system which Panasonic calls "Depth from Defocus" which is their top of the line system and used in all other recent Panasonic cameras.

What I must remember is it contains a 1" sensor, so dynamic range isn't going to be up there with the big boys but at least Panasonic have stopped putting the tiny sensors in their cameras. It should be fine as it's the same sensor as in their FZ1000 and that has had excellent reviews. I could have purchased the FZ1000 but I didn't fancy carrying a brick in my pocket.

Lets see how the camera does in the field. Back soon with some real world images.

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