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Please note that this is a personal blog, based on my experiences and mine alone. The opinions expressed on this site regarding cameras, lenses or any accessories connected with photography are the result of personal opinion.

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What it is:

This is a site for browsing images, gathering information about how a particular camera or lens performs in everyday use, read the blog, or just to post a comment about the site. I hope to update the site on a regular basis with some interesting images, information regarding a certain piece of equipment and, more than likely, some trivial information about nothing and everything.

It is about digital photography using FF, APS-C, 1" and 4/3 sensors as well as using m4/3 cameras and lenses (some small sensor cameras have also crept in from time to time).

What it isn't:

First of all, I do NOT intend this site to become a place for pixel-peepers. I will not be taking pictures of brick walls or other such things.

It is not about medium or large format digital or film photography or has anything to do with film developement.