Dil Roberts Photography

When you handle one of these you know that it's been built to last a lifetime. Beautifully made metal lens and quite heavy. Mounted you know that you have something in your hand. Quite different from the new Sigma lenses (30 f2.8 anf the 19 f2.8). I expected great things from this lens as the condition is really like new. The focusing ring is nice and smooth with the aperture ring clicking at each stop. Very nice, but then it is a Leica lens. It also has a built-in hood which is just superb.

This was tested on the Sony Nex-7, as I wanted to put the sensor through it's paces as well as seeing what this lens could deliver. Results vary, depending whether you're facing the sun or not. Just like the Pentax-M SCM 135 f3.5 lens, the closer the sun is to the front of the lens the more contrast it loses. You can bring a lot back from these files and they sharpen up beautifully, but the more modern lenses tend to keep better contrast. That of course, is just my opinion and experience of using these lenses.

However, when you get it right, this lens delivers some great images (not as good as the CV Color-Heliar 75 f2.5) but damn close. I think I get better images when this is mounted on a m4/3 camera right now. Maybe I should mount it on the Nex-5N and see what that sensor can do it. A test for another time I think.

Leica Elmarit-M 90 f2.8 Adapted for the Sony Nex-7